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LUXE SENT is a luxury retailer that offers genuine, name-brand perfumes and colognes at competitive wholesale/dropship prices. We believe that perfume and cologne should be an everyday luxury enjoyable by all, and we’ve made it our mission to source only the best perfumes from around the world and bring them to you via an easy-to-use online e-commerce platform.

Why LUXE SENT? Our name represents who we are and what we stand for. LUXE is a direct reference to the luxury goods that we are importing from Europe and Asia on a daily basis. And SENT is both a reference to “scent” and the fact that our business model is very much an online e-commerce model, in which luxury perfumes are sent all over the world. Right now, we offer free shipping in the United States, and discounted shipping internationally.

Fifteen years ago, LUXE SENT started out with a single brick-and-mortar storefront in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by Thanh Thai and his wife, Oanh Le. LUXE SENT sold luxury perfumes to a discerning, upscale clientele looking for new scents not yet available in mass-market department stores and outlet malls. These clients included friends, family and a growing number of actresses, models and young tech entrepreneurs. Word-of-mouth spread quickly and since then, LUXE SENT has expanded to include 8 more storefronts around USA in addition to our online e-commerce platform.

The secret to LUXE SENT success has been our ability to buy and sell our products at competitive (wholesale) prices. Our team of buyers work with companies directly and have created a global supply chain for our products, with a major warehouse and shipping facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and another one in Los Angeles, CA. You probably know Ho Chi Minh City better by its French colonial name – Saigon. So if you’re wondering how French perfumes and colognes end up Vietnam, this is how: you can think of Saigon as a fashionable hub of French culture in Southeast Asia. The same perfumes found in the haute couture shops of Paris can also be found on the streets of Saigon – you just need to know where to look.

When LUXE SENT originally launched, we made a pledge that we would only sell the highest-quality products that we could find. Thanks to rigorous quality control throughout our supply chain, our products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Our buyers in Asia and Europe work with a very demanding, sophisticated clientele, and have extensive experience in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury goods industries.

So why pay more to shop at overpriced department stores and outlet malls for the same products? LUXE SENT offers a magical combination of great products at great prices. If you are looking for the same perfumes and colognes that Hollywood stars and A-list celebrities use, you will find them at LUXE SENT. We offer luxury at affordable prices.


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